Library Board Members Needed

Interested in serving on the Litchfield Library Board? There are currently 2 openings. One is for the remainder of a 3-year term and will end December 31, 2024. The other is for a full 3-year term and will continue through December 31, 2026.

City of Litchfield residency is required for the majority of board members, but a minority may live elsewhere in Meeker County.

The Litchfield Library Board advises the city on facility issues. The members also serve on the board of the Litchfield Library Foundation, a 501(c)(3).

Regular meetings are held 4 times per year, at 5:30 p.m. on the 4th Tuesday of January, April, July, and October in the library’s meeting room. The group typically schedules an additional meeting in the spring to evaluate the condition of the building. Special meetings may be scheduled at other times if needed, typically not more than once a year.

If you have questions, contact Beth Cronk at the library: 320-593-9447. If you would like to apply, visit Litchfield City Hall to fill out an application, which will be considered by city council.

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