Library Accessibility!

The Library is for Everyone!
by Miss Rachel

Here at the Litchfield Public Library, we work hard to serve all our patrons. As we continue in these efforts, we offer thanks to the Prairielands Library Exchange for awarding us a grant geared toward accessibility.  With this grant, we have been able to purchase some helpful equipment that is available for anyone who comes to the library.

If you forget your reading glasses, no need to panic. We now have several sets with two different magnification options: 1.25X and 2.0X. Come on up to the front desk and ask to borrow a pair. No need to strain your eyes to read the newspaper!

When reading glasses aren’t quite enough, we also have an LED page magnifier. When the legs of this device are folded out, the magnifier looks like a table. You can sit at a desk, slide whatever it is you’re reading or working on underneath, turn on the light, and you’ll see the image at 3.0X magnification! You can also choose to use this in a chair by either holding the device itself or putting the attached string around your neck so that it can hang over whatever you’re reading.

For those who could use more assistive efforts with hearing, we now have two personal amplification devices. The device has two main components: one for the listener and one for the speaker (or whatever audio needs amplification). The listener puts the headset around their neck and sticks the earbuds into their ears. The headset connects via Bluetooth to a small box, which is placed next to who or what needs to be heard. If listening to a person giving a presentation, the box can be placed next to the person presenting. If the setting is more of a discussion or meeting, the box can be placed in a central location so that all voices are amplified.

With all of our bright and shiny new equipment that we’ve acquired, we also have some other services already in place to help people here in our community too. For our patrons who have difficulty visiting the library, we provide curbside pickup. If you call the library upon arrival, a staff member will bring the materials you’ve requested out to your vehicle. Additionally, the library will deliver requested materials to homebound patrons living within city limits. We do ask that you call and have your library card available for these services.

Large print books are a very popular option at our library. We take pride in the variety and quantity of large print novels we have to offer our patrons. We are also able to check and see if another library in the state has the book you’re looking for in a large print format, which opens up the selection that much more!

Audiobooks are another way that we provide access to our patrons. We have many different books available in a CD format. You can also access tons of audiobooks with the Libby app on your phone or device. All you need is a library card!

If you or someone you know would benefit from an American Sign Language interpreter at an event or meeting held at the library, we would love to make that happen. We ask that the request be made as early as possible, or at least two weeks before the event/meeting takes place.

You’re probably already aware of all the different kinds of books and materials that we have to check out at the library. We do our best to make sure we reach all audiences and interests. We’re also doing our best to serve everyone in the community, and now we have a few more ways to make the library more accessible for everyone.

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