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Children’s Bilingual Books

by Rachelle Golde, Litchfield Children’s Librarian

Hello! Hola! Did you know that the Litchfield Public Library has a wonderful collection of bilingual books in Spanish and English? The bilingual books in the children’s collections are getting a new look with an added spine label sticker. The purpose of the new bilingual spine label is to help patrons to easily find children’s books that are in both English and Spanish. Bilingual books are great for teaching and learning multiple languages or for children who are growing up with multiple languages in their homes. These books are also great for readers of only English or Spanish, as the books can be enjoyed by children in both languages.

Bilingual books are great to read aloud to your children, as well as, for independent reading. For children who do not know Spanish, reading bilingual books allows children the opportunity to see, compare, and relate the Spanish words with the English words. The Litchfield Library has several bilingual first words and beginner picture dictionaries; this type of book is wonderful for all readers who are learning a new language. These books show a picture along with the word for the picture in both languages. This can help readers gain vocabulary in both languages. For those who already know or are learning Spanish or English reading bilingual books helps the reader to focus on both languages within the text, as well as, helps them to gain vocabulary and comprehension of both languages. Bilingual children’s books are a great resource for teens and adults who are learning Spanish or English and want to practice reading. The shorter length of children’s books makes the task of reading in a language other than your own first language seem less daunting.

Bilingual books are also a great way to read stories about cultures, people, and places that are different from you and your own experiences. Reading diverse books inspire empathy and can help children to look at the world with multiple points of view. The Litchfield library has a variety of children’s fiction and nonfiction bilingual books. Some suggested titles that can be found in the Litchfield children’s collection include: ¡Pío Peep!: Traditional Spanish Nursery Rhymes: Ada, Alma Flor, Campoy, F. Isabel, Schertle, Alice, Escriva, Vivi: Books “Pio Peep! Traditional Spanish Nursery Rhymes” selected by Alma Flor Ada

My 1st Spanish Word Book / Mi Primer Libro De Palabras EnEspanol: A Bilingual Word Book: Angela Wilkes: 9781564582553: Books “My First Spanish Word Book: mi primer libro de palabras: a bilingual word book” by Angela Wilkes

Book Cover “Calor: A Story of Warmth for All Ages” by Junita Alba illustrated by Amado Peña

We also have a nonfiction children’s series that is trilingual. It features English, Spanish, and American Sign Language.  Some titles in this series written by Kathleen Petelinsek include: “Family and Friends/ Familia y Amigos”, “Clothes/Ropa”, and “At Play/Jugando”.

Whether you are looking for books in Spanish, English and even American Sign Language the Litchfield Public Library has a unique collection of bilingual books for children of all ages. As always, the staff at the Litchfield library are happy to help if you need assistance locating a title.

Until next time, happy reading!

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